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How To Lose Weight When Nothing Else Is Working

Jump Start Health Coaching Program

Are you frustrated with your failed attempts trying to release those unwanted pounds? Are you worried it could only get worse if you don't start to get control now? Or maybe you are eating all the right foods and exercising but the weight is not coming off.

Do you hate your limited options in your closet; having to look day after day at the clothes you can't wear anymore but would love to fit into again?

Are you ready to try a new approach to release the extra weight without deprivation?



Losing weight and getting healthy is not only knowing what NOT to eat.  We all know that!! But why we can’t seem to stay the course with getting healthy and making lasting change is the issue we all struggle with.  There is no shortage of information on the internet, on Facebook, etc, and there are plenty of diet plans; almost as many as the population of a small country!!  Sadly, the truth is that knowledge doesn’t change behavior.  If you struggle with weight loss which may  impact your health, your emotions and your life then it’s time to say YES to yourself.  Start of the new year with a pledge to yourself that this time it will be different.

If you could have it any way, what would you want your life to be?  Are you ready to step up and take the bold action to make a difference?

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5 Strategies for Emotional Eating



Theresa’s services are wonderful. I appreciated her flexible scheduling, her unique and supportive approach to wellness and her ability to customize her support services to my unique needs. I still have a lot more work to do before I achieve all my wellness goals, but I feel more hopeful and secure in my pursuit towards wellness. I have lost significant weight and have kept it off and I have more confidence and follow through to continue on this path towards greater wellness. I would recommend this program to anyone who believes they can benefit from her services – because they can!--Marie R.

I signed up for Theresa's 28 Day Jump Start program, and found it more helpful than I expected was possible with a remote coach amidst my busy travel schedule. In our time together, my energy level has improved, I am getting better sleep, and I voluntarily make healthier choices when it comes to food. I would definitely recommend Theresa to anyone who is looking for a different way at weight loss and life rebalancing.

Nadia K.

When I first met Theresa I was looking to lose some weight and have a healthy outlook on life so that I would be able to do the things I love as I grow older. We went beyond a weight loss program to approach wellness in a way I never thought of before.


Theresa focuses on what I say. She provides  me the tools I need to transform my way of thinking.  She taught me that healthy, happy living is possible when you establish clear and attainable goals. 


I reaped the benefits from doing “weekly assignments” and receiving feedback from Theresa.  I learned that food can be enjoyed when you slow down and eat meals with a purpose.  I’ve lost some weight and continue to do so.  I have a whole new attitude about myself and those around me.  Theresa explained how to rid yourself of negative ideas by realizing when friends or family may be the people who don’t support you.  I can now take conscious breaths to rid myself of negative thoughts and feelings. 


Thank you, Theresa, for giving the tools to feel confident and to truly love myself.  Your mentorship, ideas and style of coaching got me results.

Marie F.

"My experience with Theresa as my health coach was excellent. She helped me see further into my eating habits and ways to work through my daily urges. Theresa has a lot of patience and very knowledgeable about health coaching. She not only teaches but also follows it in her own life. I admire how discipline Theresa is when it comes to healthy eating. This was a great experience, I would recommend her to anyone that is serious about making real changes in their life. You won't regret it!!!"-Susanna T.

"I was skeptical at first but quickly gained a comfort level with Theresa. Theresa guided me through many exercises that I found to be quite helpful. I was able to use many of them on my own right away. I highly recommend her services."-  Michelle K.

"I was lucky to be Theresa's first client. My goal was to lose weight, but there were so many other benefits that I never really expected. Like realizing blocks that were holding me back from my full potential. It was so helpful and amazing I signed up for another 90 day session."-Susan F.

Theresa is the most unfathomably inspiring health coach I have ever encountered. Theresa’s program has not only transformed my body, eradicated my health problems but it has increased my overall quality of life. I wake up with gratitude and I am finally proud of my body and my appeal so. My anxiety and depression are gone, I feel completely reborn. Her program was worth every dollar. Her expertise and incessant encouragement transcends the mundane. She will change your life exponentially.    Anna A.


Working with Theresa I have gotten rid of all my big clothes and am enjoying my smaller size. And, I had been limping before I lost the weight and don't anymore. I'm amazed at what 15lbs and eating healthy has done for me! 

Peggy G.

My wellness journey with Mind Your Body Holistic Coaching was an absolute game changer. Theresa was key in helping me navigate positive changes this year. I sought a wellness coach in August of this year because I felt overweight and unhealthy. I was unmotivated toward leaving my house and felt moderately depressed. This was due to COVID-19, job changes, and adapting to a new community. I chose Mind Your Body Holistic Coaching to help me to regain a healthy and positive outlook and lifestyle. Theresa’s strength is in helping people examine behaviors that lead to their wellness challenges. I felt this was important for me to explore in my wellness journey. I sought to break unhealthy habits and begin new healthy ones. I am so happy I chose Mind Your Body Holistic Coaching to partner with me in my wellness journey. Theresa taught me so many things which helped me improve the quality of my life. This resulted in me losing 17 lbs. (over 11% of my original body weight), finding exercise that I enjoy, joining a community newcomers club, and becoming more spiritually connected. I feel much healthier now and, most importantly, I have gained the necessary tools to remain healthy and cope with any stress in the future. Theresa is a very good listener and offers suggestions throughout the entire journey. My wellness journey with was one of the best investments that I ever did for myself in my entire life.   Pauline M.

Results may vary as food intake, rates of metabolism and levels of exercise and physical exertion vary from person to person. As a health coach I work on achieving habit change. I do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe medication.  I will be happy to work with your physician’s guidance to best support your well-being.




How To Lose Weight When Nothing Else Is Working

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How To Lose Weight When Nothing Else Is Working
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